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You need an External SEO Writer to support your team in writing, strategy planning or content development. Spanish Copywriter and Freelance Writer in Spain for European Companys

Why do you need me in your team?


Fluid communication with you and your team through the channels you prefer.


I adapt the writing rhythms to what you need and to your clients to meet delivery deadlines.


Original and authentic texts, with anti-plagiarism detection and revision. Content adapted to the thematic sector.

Win visits

With a good analysis of keywords and search intention so that the texts position properly.

I adapt to you

I adapt to your content strategy and your client's marketing plan all the time.


Articles can be rewritten and optimized at no additional cost to you.


Texts for email marketing campaigns, offers, newsletter, etc.


Entries for the blogs of your clients specialized in the topic of interest.


Texts and Copys for publications in social networks and payment campaigns.


The texts for your websites or landing pages of products and services.

Differentiate yourself with your customers

Everyone tells your clients that they should GO DIGITAL and have their own website, but no one told them how to do it. Until you arrived.

But it counts on you to find professional copywriters who follow your instructions and meet the requirements.

No one accompanies you or helps you.

Here you have a good freelance seo editor, a journalist by profession and used to writing for the internet.

With me this can change!

Because as a content writer I don’t just write.

superar a tu competencia
redactor de contenidos

Why me?

There are many who begin the work of being a freelance writer without knowing very well where to start.

In my case the trajectory is long. Journalist for 20 years, blogger for 15 and Freelance Writer for more than 3 years.

Dozens of clients, marketing agencies, real estate and SEO experts have worked with me with enormous satisfaction with my work.

Effective and experienced content strategy

All this way working for others as a freelance and Freelance writer and with my own blog projects have allowed me to learn everything there is to know about effective SEO Writing.

Always researching changes and news and experimenting with my texts to find the best method.

And training with the best: Dean Romero, Rosa Morel, Maider… always researching and learning. Because digital writing is my passion.

What my clients say

Here you have just a sample of what some of my clients think of my work.

Carlos Gran
Carlos Gran
Me redacta todos los textos para SEO de mi web y estoy encantado con el servicio, y rápido!! Gracias
Juan ME
Juan ME
Buen profesional y excelentes trabajos
Ziguatanejo Media
Ziguatanejo Media
Escribe muy bien y cumple con los plazos, no se puede pedir más. Tiene conocimientos de SEO, por lo que sus textos sirven para posicionar. Alguien con quien da gusto trabajar, serio y comprometido con lo que hace. ¡Y además es un tío muy majo!
Miguel Cortés
Miguel Cortés
Afanoso y cumplidor, trabajar con Chema es un gusto, ya que no es tan sencillo encontrar un profesional serio y comprometido con su trabajo.
Stilyana Stoyanova
Stilyana Stoyanova
Redacción de calidad, textos orientados al SEO a un nivel realmente profesional ... Solo puedo decir gracias! Recomiendo al 100%!

My own method of content writing

During my time as a freelance editor I have developed my own method of structuring, researching and writing texts.

It is the seo writing method of Chema Dyaz Freelance SEO Writer and Freelance Copywriter. 

Step 1 - Search intent analysis

Everything is based on understanding the search intention of the target customer and their needs. This identifies the type of content you are looking for.

Step 2 - Keyword Research

Using paid tools I do the analysis of the target keywords, emphasizing the long-tail words that can position more quickly and effectively in Google.

Step 3 - Write

The writing is based on a good structuring of the text, with entertaining texts and always following copywriting formulas to constantly engage the reader.

Original, entertaining, interesting and perfectly readable content in any format and device.

Step 4 - Revision

A complete spelling, anti-plagiarism and keyword check and structure are essential for the text to improve. Correcting, adding and editing everything possible to get a perfect text.

Step 5 - Delivery

Within a maximum period of 3 or 4 days and always adapting to your rhythms and needs, I deliver the texts or publish them directly in the format or platform that you indicate.



What do the SEO texts that I write have for you?

I will send you my texts in the terms and format you request. With everything you need for your publication.

If you wish, I can also publish it directly on your website or blog.

Outperform the competition

If your goal is to beat the competition, with me you will achieve it. Because I always analyze it and study it in order to overcome it. In Google that is fundamental, you need to be above them.

Writing themes

In these 15 years of web writing and the last two and a half years as a freelance and SEO Freelance editor I can tell you that I have written everything:

  • Writing texts for real estate.
  • Texts for insurance companies.
  • Entries in erotic blogs.
  • Articles on economy and economic crisis.
  • Municipal information.
  • Digital Marketing Analysis.
  • Travel guides.
  • Sales emails.
  • Ecology blogs, natural therapies.
  • Pages for moving companies, electricians, renewable energy……
  • Some anothers




Chema Dyaz Writer

Freelance SEO Writer and Journalist


Yes, I am registered in the Self-Employed Regime so I invoice my services even for intra-community clients.

I adapt to your rhythms but I try to have the texts ready in three days maximum.

You choose the delivery format. I can even upload them directly and publish them on your client’s website.

Write me in the form and we specify what you need to put me with it.

You choose the method: transfer, paypal or any other that suits you.

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Freelance SEO Writer, Journalist, Blogguer and Writer.



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